The scariest thing about starting practice.

We could probably argue that there are hundreds of things that are scary about starting in practice as this is really a subjective question. For me, the scariest thing about starting in practice was: feeling like I wasn’t qualified to tell people what to do.

Let’s go deeper. We get practical experience in the realm of student clinics and preceptorships, but for me, the feeling was that I didn’t have enough experience for people to take me seriously. Hopefully I’m not the only one! I still remember the first day, almost 2 years ago, I was so nervous about what I was going to say, and making sure that I sounded professional so people would listen to me. Know what happened? When people came into the office, they took me seriously almost automatically, because I was the one sitting behind the desk, with the certificate up on the wall. They eagerly soaked up all I had to say because they needed help, they wanted to get better.

My fear of feeling not qualified, was coming from my own insecurities. We get an amazing education and we know more than we think we know; but we don’t get much training on personal growth and development. Which for me turned out to be the hardest part about starting; convincing myself that I was ready, that I was now a professional a doctor of chiropractic, and that I could lead and guide people on their health journeys. The hardest part, in reality, was getting over the fear of myself.  


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