The chronicles of Sharen- Part 55

Part 55- When an employee quits…and then the boss tries to fires him….

We have a new employee, he’s been with us 5-6 weeks now. He quit this week. It took him only  4 weeks to realize the craziness of Sharen, and yes it took me longer than that to figure out how crazy S really is.

Sharen doesn’t like to take responsibility, for anything. Whatever happens, it is not Sharen’s fault. For those of you who don’t’ know, Sharen is the boss, the owner of the clinic I work in. As well as not talking responsibility, S takes things very personally, especially when people don’t want to stay working there. S works with some famous people, and therefore thinks that everyone would want to work there with them.

Background-  A, the new employee, is pretty frustrated that S told him things in the interview that are not true. He believes she lured him here under false pretenses, and then when things were not as expected, i.e. the number of patients available for A, S blamed him for the problems. (another case of not taking responsibility). A told me last week that he was going to quit and the reasoning behind.

11 am- A (the employee) sent out a formal letter detailing these issues and that he was going to quit and move back to his home country. S is seething at this point. S calls Ann (the secretary) and tells her to make sure that A is in the clinic, and that she is coming straight over to talk to him.

12:59 pm- S arrives in the clinic. A is not at the clinic.

1 pm-(lunch break)- typical S fashion, bring business into the lunch break, so that the employees don’t really get a break.. anyways… S comes up to me and says, “I think we are going to have to let A go.”  S doesn’t know that I know A is going to quit. So as you can imagine, I’m doing everything I can to keep a straight face at this point! “oh..” I say, Sharen says, “yes, he is just not working out, he is awkward, and too quiet, and I think the other guy will be much better.” (She interviewed another guy at the same time as A). A is still not at the clinic.

3 pm- A arrives back at the clinic. S is meeting with him in the room next to mine. I’m seeing patients.

7pm- A and I finally get a chance to talk. A says, he is going to leave on “good” terms with S, so he is happy about that. But that again S wouldn’t take responsibility for “anything”, such as saying false things to A during the interview, or for criticizing his personality instead of helping him become a better practitioner.

What is really interesting for me, being an outside observer in this, is seeing up close how Sharen tries to 1. justify the loss into a position of control (I am letting him go, instead of him wanting to quit), and 2. turn the fault onto someone else (he didnt do what I said, his personality is weird, etc). Why not say something like, ” well A is not happy here, and will be leaving us, we will get someone else in to cover for him. ” Instead of trying to shift all the responsibility to someone else.

Who does this???

I have never met someone like Sharen before, seriously one of the best manipulators I have ever known, and to be honest, one of the craziest people I have met.



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