The chronicles of Sharen- Part 56

Part 56- when your bosses 1 patient is more important than your 10 patients. 




This is not the first time this has happened, and every time it makes me so upset, I want to scream. 1 professional athlete > 10 patients in the clinic.

Sharen works with a few famous people as you know, and when one of those people are much more important than our regular clients in the clinic.

We have a laser that we use here, it works well for certain conditions. I use it on a lot of my patients, some of whom come specifically for it.


8:59 am- Sharen arrives at the clinic

9:05 am- Sharen procedees to tell me that she is taking the laser with her.

9:06 am- I tell Sharen, that I need the laser for my patients

9:07 am- Sharen says its for one of her famous clients.

9:07: 30 am- awkward silence

9:08 am- Sharen leaves with the laser.


I understand the importance of taking care of “important” people. It makes you look good if they are happy with you and builds a good reputation in the community. But at what sacrifice? And again this is not an isolated incident, it happens time and time again. When all the focus and money and resources goes to these people, who are only a fraction of the clinic business, the “normal” people, the ones who keep us going, and spread the word about us in the community, suffer. It puts me in an awkward position for those patients who love the laser and come specifically to have that done. What am I supposed to say to them?? They don’t matter as much as the “important” people?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think its right. Its another example of the hierarchy here, Sharen > everyone, especially me, and Sharen’s patients > my patients. Enough with the inequality.


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