The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 1

Part 1- My new job!


2013 –

I woke up early today, to make sure I would make the bus. I am so nervous. But I am ready. After waiting for this day for so long, I am not going to let my nerves get in the way. It’s the beginning of my chiropractic career. I’ve got so many ideas, and things I want to do. Finally now, its my turn to change the world, one spine at a time!

My boss Sharen is great. There was talk about a “team and family atmosphere”, a chance for me to grow and develop. A chance for me to find my ideal client, and specialize into my own niche. I start on a 50% basis. I get 50 percent of the profits from the clients I see, and down the line that will go up. I could even get a stake in the company!

I hope I can remember everything from school, I hope my hands are not too rusty, and I hope I can do a good job. I hope I can show them all how good I am. I am going to learn so much from Sharen, she is really good! And I get treatment every week!

There is another associate that started with me. He seems like a nice guy. We are going to be like a small family, we will work together and bounce ideas off each other. And there is Ann, our secretary/ practice manager. She is really nice too! “We work hard and we play hard”, as Sharen says.

A lot of other people told me to be careful in associate positions, but I got really lucky. I found my ideal practice, with a good percentage salary and a chance to grow and develop and move up! I can’t wait to see what the future here is going to be like!



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