The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 57

Part 57- when your boss pushes an employee out the door for quitting. 


In part 55, I talk about the new employee we had. Yes HAD. Said new employee (A) is now gone. Only 7 weeks with us and now gone for good. He quit, and then was tormented by Sharen because nobody doesn’t want to work for Sharen. (or so Sharen thinks). So if someone leaves the company, Sharen takes it very very personally and will use any means necessary to justify that that person was somehow wrong, and Sharen like always is right.

Right, so the employee said he was going to quit, then Sharen got mad, and tried to fire him. After that everything started getting worse. She took his key away, wouldn’t let him be in the office alone, took his patients from him, scolded him for standing too close to a freshly painted white wall, and so many other things. She also talked bad about him every day behind his back to the other employees.

There must be some rule against an employer submitting her employees to listen to verbal assaults against another person? Its almost a form of torture, listing to someone talk poorly about someone that you have grown close to, listening to them telling lies about his character. “He will never make it as a manual therapist, he is too quiet, and weird, I just cant get along with him”. And all this being said only a few weeks after Sharen told me all the great things about him, why she hired him, and how he was going to replace me and be much better than me. And if you are thinking, why didn’t you just say something, the reason is because Sharen is not the person people stand up to. She is an overbearing narcissist whom no one ever confronts, even if they know she is wrong. This is the type of person we are dealing with. Someone who never lets you get a word in.

I will never understand how someone can switch their personality and beliefs like a light switch, without ever assuming any fault or admitting that maybe they perhaps made a mistake somewhere down the line.

In the final days A was there he was miserable, and I saw him decline rapidly, I saw his confidence wavier heavily, and he was not the same person going out that he was coming into the company. That was distressing and gave me insight as to what I might encounter in my final days as well. He finally took his leave and we resumed “normal” clinic life, with Sharen acting as if A was never even there at all, while the secretary and I mourned over the injustice that we had witnessed over the past months. Life always goes on, and time always seems to make seems less painful. I hope that where ever A is, he is in a better situation and doing well.




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