The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 2

Part 2- Jumping in at the deep end


I started working for Sharen a couple weeks ago, and things have been pretty crazy. I’m really enjoying practicing so far, and there have been many eye opening experiences and a very steep learning curve too.

I didn’t expect to be seeing any patients at first, but she was overbooked and needed me to work from day one. Overwhelming to say the least! But I did it. Its a funny feeling, feeling a little unsure because you are just starting out, but having someone sitting across from you expecting certain things, and hoping that you can help them. I had to overcome my fear very quickly and find my professional self.

What is really interesting is that despite my nerves as soon as the patient was lying on the table and I started palpating, I found great comfort in that, a calmness. Probably because it’s something that I have done so many times before. They don’t really prepare you for the communication part with people and how to interact with them, but they prepare you for being able to diagnose and treat someone, and that is the fun part.

I don’t see Sharen as much as I thought I would, but with both of us now working, I suppose that is to be expected. I have a few tasks that I have to do, posting for our blog, keeping up the social media pages, and lots of new books that Sharen wants me to read. She also keeps talking about this course series that she wants me to do so that the patients get a similar care experience no matter who they see. Which is completely understandable, but it is pretty expensive, and since I just moved to another country, just started practicing, and have a big student loan, I am not sure when I will be able to do these courses… but I’m sure we will figure everything out in the end. Right now I’m just enjoying actually being able to put my skills to use and helping people feel better!


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