The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 52

Part 52- A new employee

This week we got a new employee, A. It’s strange, I know I should be happy for Sharen, one, because she is happy, and two, we do need a new employee. But for some reason I am a little jealous. I feel like I have to prove myself again, even though I know I am doing a good job.

I met A last year at a seminar, he had heard about Sharen, and was curious about what it was like to work for her. He wanted to come and shadow her, but at the time Sharen said no. He seemed a little odd to me at the seminar, aloof, loner type, not willing to socialize with the other participants at the seminar. Maybe he is just shy.

Sharen is putting him to work immediately, even though I am here still working. Sharen said that she is really excited about having him here, and that his knowledge base is good. I did tell her about him being awkward at the seminar, but like usual she just brushed my opinion off.

I am nervous about the whole situation and how it will work out. Sharen said that he will get all the new patients from now on unless they are specifically referred from my patients or ask for me. I know everything will be okay, and that I have more than enough patients, but she is making this into a big competition rather than a partnership or team. Maybe she wants to inspire us to sell more visits and recruit more patients, who knows.

Otherwise things have been fine around the office. Ann, our secretary, is like she always is. She is skeptical of the new guy, and going a little crazy, because getting a new person means that the reality of the situation is slowly coming to life, I am leaving. Ann and I have gotten pretty close, and her way of expressing her emotion is to get stressed about something completely unrelated, instead of just voicing her feelings. She will be the person I miss the most though, she has been my only confidant during these difficult times. She sees everything that goes on as well, the things that Sharen does. But somehow, even though she knows its wrong, she always finds a way to justify it, or give Sharen the benefit of the doubt. She will be the one to stay til the bitter end, no matter what happens, because she is too afraid to change something in her situation.

For now, I’ll try to be nice to the new guy, and will keep you posted about the things going on here in the always exciting world of Sharen.


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