The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 54

Part 54- when the new employee becomes the fool


Sharen has her own opinions on things, like we all do. The difference between most of us and Sharen is that she is not open to other peoples opinions. Sharen is smart, but very out of touch, and she doesn’t see that what she says and what she actually does do not line up at all.

For example, Sharen says that one of her goals is to be a life long learner, so she reads a lot. But, if someone, comes up to her and says, Sharen the way we have been doing it doesn’t work, maybe we should try this way. She immediately goes into fight mode, criticizing the other suggestion and trying to validate why the way she does it is the best.

The funniest part about this is that sometimes what happens, is that a few weeks later, Sharen will come up to us, and say that she had a new idea about how to do something, the same idea that the person already suggested. But acting as if it was her own idea, not that someone already suggested it to her. This selective memory thing is crazy. Things can only change if it was her idea, since I figured that out, it has helped me in my communication with her. But it is still pretty entertaining to see first hand.

This happened to A, our new employee, when he tried to convince Sharen why one of the techniques that she uses was not as good as a newer version. His reasoning was sound and backed by research. Basically he was right. Instead Sharen told him that the technique was a crappy copy of what we already did, and that the person who made up that technique needed to give credit to the person who created her technique, because he stole the basic premise from him.

Let’s just say that A was not motivated to bounce ideas or even talk to Sharen for long after that.

I don’t know exactly how and why it happened, but A slowly became more of a punching bag for Sharen rather than a valued employee. She skipped the nice part, like she had with me, and went straight to ruthless.  This all started only a few weeks after A arrived.

Firstly, A is a fully qualified therapist, and brought in to treat patients, since I am leaving the clinic in 5 months. He was given all the new patients, that didn’t ask for me, which was fine. I think that Sharen must have had this vision in her head about what the situation would be like, A would come in and take the new patients, and be fully booked in no time, along with my busy schedule that equates to double the income. But what really happened is what normally happens, it takes people a while to build up their practice. And within 3 weeks that didn’t happen. A was frustrated, because honestly there weren’t that many new patients coming in other than patients for me, and Sharen was also frustrated.

A was found often sitting around the clinic reading or studying, or if there was no free room he would sit in the storage closet. There was my room, and Sharen’s room, but no space for him unless one of us wasn’t there. Picking up on this Sharen started asking him to do certain tasks to help market for the clinic. Giving talks, which is reasonable, meeting people at local areas, which is also reasonable, and delivering flyers about the clinic, which is questionable in my mind. Along with this he had picked up my work on blogging and social media. So here we have this new employee, who told me that he was hoping to be mentored by Sharen, who is now sitting along most of the time, handing out flyers, and becoming our media expert. Instead of being able to do what he loves doing.

It was a recipe for disaster.

Things slowly started blowing up. A and I became close during the following 4 weeks or so, I think I was his only source of companionship during those times. We talked about cases, practiced techniques, etc. More and more he was ignored by Sharen. I even remember one time in which A was standing next to a freshly painted wall when Sharen arrived. She snapped at him, “get away from that wall before you mark it”, A scuttled off to the storage closet. She has no respect for him, and slowly things are getting worse.

A told me that he was keeping his options open, looking for other positions closer to home. So we will see if he actually stays or if he ends up doing something else. It’s not an easy world to live in, the world of Sharen. But what she is doing now to A is some of the worst that I have seen from her.


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