The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 3

Part 3- Early signs of trouble


Have you ever had that feeling, where you know something is off, but you choose to ignore it? My guess is that we all have had to deal with something like that at one time or another. I had that this week with Sharen. Let me explain.

Generally things are going well. I am happy to finally be working and into a steady routine and I am slowly building up my patient base. That side of things is fine. But this week Sharen said some things to me that made me uncomfortable.

Sharen had 2 other associates before me, and both of them left within 2 years of working for her. Otherwise I didn’t know anything about these two guys that worked there. She took the liberty of telling me about them recently.

The first associate was apparently very good, but Sharen had major issues with him. According to her, one, he wouldn’t listen to her, and that’s why he didn’t get as many patients as she would have liked. Two, because he left to pursue another degree, and she didn’t think that was worth his time, and she didn’t think it was a real reason for him to leave the company.  Three, she also was very upset because he didn’t keep up with the certification that she wanted him to have. A certification that must be renewed every year and costs a significant amount of money to do. And finally four, he apparently used some testimonials from patients at the clinic, in his new practice. She was the most upset over that last point.

So upset that she decided to sue that employee for using those testimonials. Yes, sue. She is telling me all these things, and starts to get more and more upset, calling the employee names, and saying why he will never really succeed in practice, and that she will sue him for all he has got. There were several meeting with lawyers during this time as well.

Now, for the second associate. Apparently he was a pathological liar, and she didn’t like that his eating habits were not as healthy as she would like. He also was sick too much and that didn’t help keep up the appearance of a healthy clinic when the employees were sick. “We can’t get sick in this business,” according to Sharen.

All this is being said to me, freshly new employee, straight out of school. Bad mouthing of not one but two former employee. At the time, I brushed it off, and didn’t think that much about it. But the more I have thought about it over the past weeks, it leaves me with this sick feeling in my stomach. One, because I think it is information that I don’t need to be involved in as an employee, and two, it makes me wonder what things Sharen might say about me when I leave.

Hey, but what do I know. Sharen is a successful chiropractor with her own business, and maybe this is the way things should be done. So who am I to question her? In the mean time, all I can do is continue to keep doing my job, and trying to help as many people as I can!


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