The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 53

Part 53- When being yourself is not enough

This was a strange week with Sharen. Things are getting more and more crazy, I decided that I needed to write this stuff down or else no one would believe me that they are actually happening.

The new employee, “A”, has been here for only a few weeks. And I can already see signs of trouble brewing. After over two years here, I am becoming better at picking up on Sharen’s subtle warning signs.

She has had numerous closed door meetings with A already, and she has him out doing errands for her, instead of helping him focus on becoming a better practitioner. But the strangest thing that happened was that Sharen told A that he needed to change his personality around the patients, but also said that he was “too pale, and should go get a fake tan”.

I have to ask… what would you do if your boss told you to leave immediately and go get a spray tan because you are too pale??

After she said this, A left the clinic to do just that. Sharen came to my room and told me the situation.  It’s very hard to disagree with Sharen though, because of her intimidating personality. And if you do disagree with her, you will be on her bad side for all of eternity. It is also hard to disagree with her, because she talks so much. She asks a question, then doesn’t wait for you to answer, she answers it herself. I have no idea why she feels the need to tell me or our secretary these things. It’s almost like she is trying to justify her actions, she needs this justification for some reason. But what I find really interesting is that in a lot of cases, she doesn’t wait to hear our response about her actions, it is more as if she is having a one sided conversation with herself.

She said, “geeze this guy, he is so weird, I told him that he needs to change his personality and be more funny in front of patients. He is so pale too, I told him that if he wants to get along better with patients, then he needs to look healthier, he needs to get a tan. He is pale isn’t he? “. Granted, the guy was a little pale, but very healthy and in good shape.

Honestly, I was shocked that she actually said this to him. I think professional growth is important, but when someone criticizes your character, that hurts. No one should  feel pressured  to change who they are or what they look like, simply because another person wants them too. I am curious to see how things will turn out with A, will he be able to survive Sharen?


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