The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 51

Part 51- All alone in a big fancy building

We moved our clinic last week. Apparently it has been Sharen’s “career-long dream”, to own the building that her practice is in.

I didn’t have much to do with the move or decoration of the place as I was holding down the clinic and making sure the patients were treated well.

Shocked, is an understatement, for the feeling I had when I first saw the place. Firstly, I take the bus everyday, and had to get off at a new stop because of the move. So when I knew we were getting close, I went and stood by the driver, scanning the area for a sign of the clinic. Then I saw it, it hit me like a big smack in the face, a giant billboard of an advertisement on the side of the building. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, literally. Only Sharen, the narcissist, would put her name up in huge neon letters on the side of a building. No one could miss this place.

Secondly, as I walked in the clinic, it was like being in a fancy restaurant, or a very posh home, not exactly what people picture for a “sports clinic”. It was beautiful nonetheless. And it was big, two stories, three treatment rooms, kitchen, and own parking.

Sharen’s room was downstairs, next to the reception area, with the fancy table and equipment. Guess where she decided to put my room? Upstairs, in the back next to the restrooms, with the portable table. Again, the only thing I could do is laugh. This is so typical Sharen. She only works 2-3 days per week, if she is in town, I on the other hand am there 5 days a week. She gets the fancy table for working so little, while I, who see the most patients, get pushed to the very back of the house with the worst equipment. Can you see now why I had to laugh? Its either laugh or cry.

Not only was I put to the last corner of the building, but I was the only one there! Sharen travels a lot. So weeks would go by, with me being the only one there. Many of my patients didn’t even know she existed because she was NEVER there. All alone in a big fancy building, paying for the place with my hard work, and all I got was a room next to the toilet.

For an outsider it may not seem like a big deal, but I realized the deeper statement behind it. No matter what, I wouldn’t be as good as Sharen, I would never be important enough to her to have a better room, or a better table. I could work as hard as I could, and it would still go unrecognized. In Sharen’s mind, no one can ever be as good as she is.


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