The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 4

Part 4 – Mean what you say

I have noticed a few things about Sharen since I have started working here. Last time I wrote about her talking down about all the former employees. She still does that! It makes me uncomfortable, but she is my boss, so what can I do.

Part of my responsibilities include writing for the company blog, as well as keeping up our social medial pages. Lately, Sharen also decided that she wanted to redo the entire website. That meant that she wanted me to go through and re-write all the informational pages about the services we offer. Keep in mind I am a chiropractor, not a writer or media expert. But I figured, since I recently started working here and am not fully busy yet, it helps keep my extra time occupied.

So I started, I went though all the pages and wrote them as she asked, it took me the course of a week or two to get everything done. And I was pretty proud of what I had accomplished. I presented the new pages to Sharen, full of excitement, but that excitement soon faded. “We are now going to go in a different direction,” said Sharen. “Huh?” I thought. I just spent two weeks working on this thing like she asked me to, and all for what? For her to suddenly change her mind. I didn’t understand, and I didn’t question her.

Turns out she ended up using most of the original content over again. And wrote some of the parts herself. Why put me through wasting all that time then?

In the past few months I have come to realize that I somehow can’t really relate to Sharen or understand her thought processes, like I normally can with people that I spend a lot of time with. She does things and I have no idea why she would do or say them, or goes back on what she said before after all the work is already done. I just keep saying to myself that she is an expert, and she has more experience than me, so I need to keep my mouth shut and do what she says. What I wish I could say to her is, figure out what you want first, then ask me to do the task to complete it, instead of wasting my time on meaningless tasks.